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Repair scars and stretch marks both old and new by waking up the skin naturally.


Corrective Needling is also known as MCA (Multi-tropanic Collagen Actuation) Dry Needling, Dry Tattooing or Medical Needling. It is a form of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), Mesotherapy and Microneedling which is an effective treatment for improving the appearance of scars, stretch marks and damaged tissue. It is not the same as traditional Microneedling or Dermarolling. It is a medical treatment using tattoo needles that create more precise and targeted trauma to the scarred area, creating micro-channels to allow our scar repair actives inserted during the procedure to be absorbed into the cells in the deeper layers of the skin. This aids in the production of melanin (skin pigment), collagen and elastin to flatten, smooth, shrink and re-pigment scar tissue. It is the most intense and precise skin needling treatment currently available.


Corrective Needling


Most types of scars are suitable for treatment with the exception of keloid scars and new scars (less than 3 months old where wounds have not properly closed yet). If a scar is still pinkish, red, purple or dark, it is most probably still healing and has an active blood supply.

Healing stretch marks and scars at this stage are not suitable for Camouflage Micropigmentation but can effectively be treated first with Corrective Needling. Once healed, pigment can then be applied to camouflage if needed. In most cases, we prefer not to add pigment to scars. In many cases, stretch marks that are treated with Corrective Needling as soon as they appear, heal so well that Camouflage Micropigmentation is not even needed.

Anyone with a history of keloid scarring cannot be treated unless they have a doctors letter confirming they are okay to have treatment. It may be that they had a keloid scar once but haven’t since. If someone has had a piercing (ears, nose etc) or a tattoo and was fine, they are likely to be okay having this treatment.

It is important to note that Scars and Stretch Marks cannot be removed, even surgery cannot promise this, however the look, feel and function of scarred tissue can greatly be improved with Corrective Needling.

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In most cases 3 or more sessions are required, 4-8 weeks apart to give the best result.  We do offer a discounted package amount for a pre-paid course of 3 sessions, or you can pay each session without the discount. After 3 sessions, you can allow the area to fully settle and develop for a period of up to 6 months before considering Camouflage Micropigmentation.  Results will continue to develop for up to a year after treatment.

We find darker skin types respond quicker in terms of pigment stimulation. However, it isn’t possible to predict how anyones skin will respond to treatment and it depends on the type and texture of the stretch marks and scars as to how many sessions are needed. If the stretch marks are deeper or raised compared to the surrounding skin or are a little “wrinkly” in texture, then a few sessions are needed to smooth them out and prepare them for pigment if required. If the stretch marks are fairly flat but are perhaps shiny or silvery, then less sessions may be needed. Everyone is different, so we have to monitor the skin and see how it heals after each treatment.


Corrective Needling is a great way to prepare scars and stretch marks for Camouflage Micropigmentation. It flattens and smooths the skin, shrinks the scars and can also stimulate natural pigmentation. Some stretch marks are deeper than the surrounding skin or appear wrinkly, Corrective Needling helps improve this. It is always recommended to first start with Corrective Needling before the application of pigment.


Those with a history of keloid scarring are not suitable for treatment. Hyperpigmentation is another condition which needs to be approached with caution. If you are prone to getting dark marks after an injury or burn, your skin may need more time to heal. In such cases we could recommend a combination of Glycolic Peels and Corrective Needling in order to lift the hyperpigmentation instead of adding pigment. It could take 60-90 days or even 6 months or longer before the healed results can be seen but it is definitely worth the wait.


As with any skin treatment, it is never possible to predict how someones skin will react to treatment. Every person is different. Some people may not respond enough but it is possible to get amazing results form this treatment and is highly recommended to try before resorting to ink and definitely needed to smooth out some scars before it is possible to tattoo.

COST OF CORRECTIVE NEEDLING & treatment packages

The total cost of the procedure varies greatly as everyone is different and is dependent on the location, size, scar tissue and severity of the stretch marks requiring treatment.

Pricing start from approximately R1,600 per area . A minimum of only 3 session are normally required and unlike laser and other treatments, results are permanent. We offer a 10% discount on a Corrective Needling Package consisting of 3 treatments.

PLEASE NOTE: Your individual quotation after your free consultation will break down the steps required for your treatment. All treatments are quoted for 3 sessions, a 50% non refundable deposit is required to confirm your treatment booking and the remaining to be paid in full after your first session has been completed. 

Pricing includes take home aftercare products. We include your aftercare products in your quotation as treatments without using the necessary aftercare products at home gives less than impressive results and slows your skins healing. You may even cause more scar tissue, extra redness due to capillary overgrowth and hyperpigmentation (skin going permanently dark in treated areas). Use the wrong aftercare and you are highly likely to get a severe reaction, inflammation and then an infection.

We require an initial consultation (in-person or virtual) free of charge with zero pressure, during which the final cost can be determined.

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