Organic Tattoo Care Collection



Looking after your ink has never been this good, from the very first wash to ongoing protection, you have everything you need to heal, soothe and protect your Tattoo the right way. The perfect gift for you or that very special person.

// Gentle Foam Wash: Gentle, foamy and perfect for washing your skin after it’s been freshly inked. It helps to reduce inflammation and prevent infection; it nourishes, protects and hydrates. Use whilst your Tattoo is healing with our Aftercare Balm.

// Aftercare Balm: Our aftercare balm injects the power of 50 x more anti-free radicals into the skin than vitamin E, healing, nourishing and hydrating it. The special formula of ingredients offers excellent anti-inflammatory properties and helps to prevent infection, redness, itching and swelling. Use whilst your Tattoo is healing.

// Everyday Care: This power balm is packed with ingredients like Organic Aloe, Dragon’s Blood and Chia Protect, which work to keep your tattooed skin healthy, hydrated and nourished. The non-nano zinc oxide creates a natural barrier to protect your ink from everyday light, keeping it fresh and vibrant. Use after your Tattoo has healed.

// Sunscreen SPF30+: Our Sunscreen has been formulated using non-nano zinc oxide, which creates a physical barrier, protecting against UVA and UVB rays without absorbing into the bloodstream or clogging the pores. It nourishes, hydrates and regenerates while protecting your tattooed skin from the sun’s harsh rays. Use after your Tattoo has healed.


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