Sculpting Repair 100ml



Formulated with a multi-faceted approach, the Body Curve Sculpting Repair targets the underlying causes of cellulite, by curbing the ill effects of trapped fluid and by acting against the fat nodules responsible for the appearance of cellulite. This skin rejuvenating treatment supports the reduction of stubborn adipose (fat) deposits by increasing the intercellular energy with the addition of  Plasma Rich Rockbreaker Plant Cell Factor , while Soya Isoflavone tightens and firms the tissue. The addition of Retinol, aids in the improvement of sun damage and visible signs of aging. Encapsulated hexapeptide-39 Aids in diminishing the appearance of visible cellulite and allows for lower lipid (fat) accumulation in cells. Rejuvenating and Smoothing Corrector.


Suitable for sun damaged skin, prematurely aged skin and cellulite affected areas. Recommended to be combined with Scar Repair.


Instructions For Use:

May be combined with any product within the optiphi® Body Curve range. Dispense a sufficient amount into the palms of hands, apply to affected areas daily using circular, upward motions. Allow to penetrate completely. For best results, use twice daily. Follow with prescribed optiphi® Body Lotion.


Not to be used while pregnant or breastfeeding.



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