Scar Correction


No matter their origins, scars hold memories and are full of meaning. For some, they’re a sign of victory and the mark of  survival. For others, they are a reminder of a chapter they would prefer to close. Regardless, for a multitude of reasons, the fact is that some scars heal better than others.

When it comes to surgery, how well your scar blends into your surrounding skin over time depends on your surgeon’s skill and your unique physiology. Proper aftercare, along with topical scar therapies and cosmetic procedures like Corrective Needling can make a noticeable difference.

If you have any sort of scars that impede on your look and want to make them less noticeable, let us help.



Burn scars, surgical scars, scars caused by accidents can all be faded and concealed with a combination of Corrective Needling, Camouflage Micropigmentation and Glycolic and Vitamin C Peels. When working with scars, we always treat texture first before colour.

When evaluating a scar for treatment, the source of the scar is not as important as its look and feel. Once fully healed, any type of pigment loss is generally a good candidate for micropigmentation colour correction.

Any type of surgery scar can be camouflaged, what matters most is how the scar healed. We recommend waiting until the scar is completely healed before opting for scar camouflage. Scars cannot be worked on shortly after surgery as they will go through many stages of healing and will change in appearance over time. Therefore, we advise that you allow your scar to heal for at least 3 months before visiting us.

The most ideal scars and stretch marks are those that are flat (or nearly flat) and are lighter than the surrounding skin.


If the scars are red or pink or still changing colour, the scar tissue may still be healing. Applying ink to such scar tissue may cause further damage to the skin.

This type may not be suitable for correcting with pigment but can be treated with Corrective Needling or a combination of both Camouflage Micropigmentation and Corrective Needling.

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Camouflage tattooing cannot disguise or correct extreme changes in skin texture. If your scar tissue or surface area is irregular or raised, the process may not be effective.

In such cases we recommend Corrective Needling to relax and smooth the scar before adding ink if necessary.

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Dark edges or borders around a scar indicate Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) from the initial trauma or surgery. It is possible that the camouflage tattooing process may increase the hyperpigmentation and create a wider, darker border.

The risk of this happening is usually greater with darker skin tones. Darker scars can first be treated with Corrective Needling and Glycolic and Vitamin C Peels to repair and even skin tone first before adding ink.

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Scar Correction


Keloids come from the overgrowth of scar tissue. Keloid scars tend to be larger than the original wound itself. Keloid growth is triggered by any sort of skin injury such as an insect bite, acne, an injection, body piercing, burns, hair removal and even minor scratches and bumps. For this reason, keloid scars or keloid prone skin types cannot be treated at all, as any treatment could make it worse.

Scar Correction


Do not expect to see immediate results because the camouflage tattoo needs to continue to be perfected. We always first start by treating the scar in multiple sessions with Corrective Needling before working on the colour of the scar.

Many times, the Corrective Needling treatments are so effective that pigment is not even needed.

In order for the results to look the most natural, we are conservative with the amount of colour we add in one session to the scar, if pigment is even required, as we can always add colour but we cannot remove it. Our focus is for the result to look like skin and not like makeup has been applied to the area. You will be able to see full results after your touch up session. Additional touch ups can be done as needed.

As with any healing process, it’s important to remember that the recovery from Corrective Needling and Camouflage Micropigmentation is an evolution. Everything looks worse before it looks better. Scars are more fragile than the surrounding skin, therefore they tend to respond with a bit more redness or swelling when being worked on. This usually subsides within a couple days but for some individuals, the residual redness can last a few weeks depending on how your skin heals.

Sticking to the recommended aftercare regime and products that will be given to you by your artist is extremely important, as your tattoo is essentially an open, healing wound for two to four weeks.

Scar Correction


Scar Correction SCARRED HEART
Scar Correction

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Based on the appearance of your scar, a number of Corrective Needling treatments with scar repair actives will always first be done in order to relax the scar tissue, smooth its texture and flatten it prior to adding ink if needed. By having this done first, a much better result will be seen than if we were to only work on the colour of the scar.

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The total cost of the procedure varies greatly and is dependent on the location, scar tissue and severity of the scars requiring treatment. We may also need to treat the area first with Corrective Needling or Glycolic and Vitamin C Peels.

Our pricing generally start from R1,899 per area. Normally only 3 sessions are required spaced 1-2 months apart and unlike laser and other treatments, results are permanent.

You may choose to have a patch test done the size of a match box to assess how the skin accepts the ink and heals. Patch tests cost approximately R1,500 per area.

PLEASE NOTE: Your individual quotation after your free consultation will break down the steps required for your treatment. All treatments are quoted for 3 sessions, a 50% non refundable deposit is required to confirm your treatment booking and the remaining must be paid in full after your first session has been completed. We offer a package discount when 3 or more treatments are paid upfront.

You are not able to have only 1 treatment session as you will not benefit and see desired results.

Pricing includes take home aftercare products. We include your aftercare products in your quotation as treatments without using the necessary aftercare products at home gives less than impressive results and slows your skins healing. You may even cause more scar tissue, extra redness due to capillary overgrowth and hyperpigmentation (skin going permanently dark in treated areas). Use the wrong aftercare and you are highly likely to get a severe reaction, inflammation and then an infection.

We require an initial consultation (in-person or virtual) free of charge with zero pressure, during which the final cost can be determined through a formal quote.

Scar Correction
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Scar Correction



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