Stretch Mark Correction

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Stretch Mark Correction

Drastically reduce the appearance of stretch marks with our Signature Correction Treatments. Creams, lotions and oils as you have realised, do not on their own work on stretch marks because they are only applied to the outer layer of skin and do not work in the deeper layer where the stretch marks are. Our treatments and aftercare work at the source and therefore permanent results are achieved within only 3 treatments depending on your skin.


Stretch Marks are normal and don’t hurt but they can affect your mental and emotional health. They can make you worry about how others look at you and affect how you think about yourself, intimacy with your partner, what you wear and your behaviour. You may as a result experience stressanxiety and depression.


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Stretch Mark Correction

Stretch Marks are a form of scarring that appear after your skin quickly stretches or shrinks.

They often happen due to pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, hormonal imbalances and bodybuilding. When your skin rapidly stretches or shrinks, it causes the elastin and collagen in your skin to break. Elastin’s main role is to allow your skin to stretch. Collagen’s main role is to provide structure, strength and support to your skin.

It is actually in healing that stretch marks appear. At first appearance, they are often red, pink, purple, reddish-brown or even dark brown depending on your particular skin tone. These can be raised and even a bit itchy at first. However, over time, the colour fades and the stretch mark sinks beneath the skin, forming a slight depression. 

Stretch marks are considered scars and do not go away even if you lose weight. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, people of all sizes can have stretch marks.

Stretch marks generally appear on your:

  • Abdominal area (stomach)
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Breasts
  • Upper arms
  • Lower back
  • Buttocks
  • Legs


Stretch Mark Correction

You cannot do anything that guarantees that you won’t develop stretch marks but a combination of hydration, diet and exercise can help reduce your risk. 


Drink plenty of water! Water helps keep your skin to stay soft, so you’re less likely to develop stretch marks.

Apply a good quality moisturiser to your skin daily and exfoliate two to three times a week to remove dead skin cells.

Avoid the use of any type of bleaching cream as this thins and weakens the skin causing it to eventually tear and leave large stretch marks.

Drinking caffeine can also increase your risk of developing stretch marks. If you drink a lot of coffee, alcohol, tea or soda drinks, it is important to increase your water intake.


Exercise increases circulation and helps your body produce collagen. Increased circulation and collagen help your skin stay strong, stretchy and glowing.


Eat healthy nutrient rich food that promote healthy skin.

Include food:

  • Rich in zinc such as nuts or fish.
  • High in vitamins A, C and D such as carrots, beetroot and citrus fruits.
  • Rich in protein such as lentils, beans, broccoli, chicken, fish and ostrich.
  • Rich in fibre and antioxidants such as berries and lots and lots of green vegetables.


Stretch Mark Correction

Whether you are a suitable candidate for Camouflage Micropigmentation or Corrective Needling depends on the type, colour and age of the stretch marks, as well as if you have any skin or medical conditions.

  1. If your stretch marks are textured, red, pink or dark – Corrective Needling with scar repair actives instead of pigment is the perfect solution. Many times pigment is not even necessary. 
  2. If your stretch marks are silver or white, lighter than your skin tone and not very textured – we will start with a Corrective Needling treatment and then progress into adding pigment for permanent correction, if necessary. 
  3. If you are pregnant, we can recommend a specially formulated stretch mark cream that is completely safe to use during pregnancy to assist with the prevention of stretch marks. As soon as the baby is born it is important that treatment is started as soon as possible. If treated as soon as they appear, stretch marks can many times heal completely without being visible.



We may first use Corrective Needling to stimulate the skin’s natural healing process and smooth the texture of the stretch marks before progressing to pigment, if necessary. Usually 1-3 Corrective Needling sessions will first be needed.

Not all stretch marks necessarily need the use of pigment. In many cases, the results are so amazing that pigment is not even required. The procedure involves the same steps as micropigmentation but without the use of any pigment. Specialised scar repair actives are inserted into the skin in order to induce the natural healing process which stimulates collagen and elastin production. This smooths the texture of the stretch marks and evens out skin tone. When fully healed, the stretch marks will no longer be as deep as they were before and much less noticeable. 

Click HERE for detailed information on Corrective Needling. 

The type of stretch marks explained in the next columns are examples of who are not candidates for Camouflage Micropigmentation but ARE candidates for Corrective Needling instead of, or in preparation for micropigmentation.


If the skin tone and stretch marks are very light and too similar in colour, micropigmentation may not be a suitable treatment. The stretch marks are only visible because the scarred skin is slightly lower than the normal skin.

This type may not be suitable for correcting with pigment but can be effectively treated with Corrective Needling.

Click HERE for detailed information on Corrective Needling. 


Stretch marks need to be lighter than the surrounding area for the insertion of pigment. When stretch marks are just starting to appear on your body, they can look pink, red, purple or dark.

Purple, pink, red or dark stretch marks occur when your skin is expanding and when there are micro tears in the skin’s collagen and elastin. The colour indicates the presence of inflammation and increased blood flow in the injured skin and that is why they appear red, pink, purple or dark.

These colours could last for months or years after the stretch marks first appeared, depending on the unique way that your body heals. If you have older or mature stretch marks, they look white or silver. This happens after blood vessels fade and when there’s no longer an inflammatory response. More mature stretch marks have less collagen and elastin compared to non-affected skin.

This type may not be suitable for correcting with pigment but can be effectively treated with Corrective Needling.

Click HERE for detailed information on Corrective Needling. 


Stretch Marks & Skin Care

You Were Born To Be Real Not Perfect!

You Can Be Comfortable In Your Skin and not have to hide and worry about Stretch Marks and Scars.

So, Stop Body Shaming And Letting Insecurity Hold You Back.

Stretch Mark Correction


Laser treatments are more expensive, have more downtime and a higher risk of dark marks and redness. While Laser Treatments do work on stretch marks by damaging the skin’s outer layer and forcing it to heal itself, they do not put colour back into the skin. So almost all clients who get Laser Treatments for their stretch marks still have noticeable stretch marks. In fact, many of our clients have had many Laser Treatment procedures prior to walking into our studio. Another huge difference is the cost of the treatments.


The total cost of the procedure varies greatly and is dependent on the location, size, scar tissue and severity of the stretch marks requiring treatment. 

Our pricing generally start from R2,000 per treatment. A minimum of only 3 session are normally required and unlike laser and other treatments, results are permanent.

You may choose to have a patch test done the size of a match box to assess how the skin accepts the ink and heals. Patch tests cost approximately R1,500 per area.

PLEASE NOTE: Your individual quotation after your free consultation will break down the steps required for your treatment. All treatments are quoted for 3 sessions, a 50% non refundable deposit is required to confirm your treatment booking and the remaining must to be paid in full after your first session has been completed.

Pricing includes take home aftercare products. We include your aftercare products as treatments without using the necessary aftercare products at home gives less than impressive results and slows your skins healing. You may even cause more scar tissue, extra redness due to capillary overgrowth and hyperpigmentation (skin going permanently dark in treated areas). Use the wrong aftercare products and you are highly likely to get a severe reaction, inflammation and an infection.

We require an initial consultation (in-person or online) free of charge with zero pressure, during which the final cost can be determined.

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